And I am back!

Its been over 6 months since my last post, and I have to say, I thought maybe I was just going to let this blog slip off into a black hole somewhere on the internet. In these last 6 months, I had a baby, moved across town, and… well that’s about it. But that is the reason this blog has suffered.

I recently watched Food Inc. and at the very least, am compelled to cook better with fresher, cleaner ingredients, mainly for the health of my family. There is still plenty of bad stuff in my kitchen and we can not afford to buy all of our groceries at Whole Foods, but with a little more effort and planning I’ll be taking this blog in a slightly different direction. Think fresh, from scratch (as much as possible), simple, and maybe even a few original recipes, by me.

Being in California, we are blessed with an array of fresh and local fruits, cheeses, meats, wines, with just about everything else you can think of at our fingertips. Its a shame to not put that to good use. This is already becoming a fun hobby, planting our own herb garden, getting up on Saturday mornings to enjoy the sun at the local farmers market, and yes, even reading labels.

I plan to regularly add new recipes, edit some old ones, and delete the ones that I have decided really, weren’t very good. I know I’m not the best cook, I’m not even sure I’d consider myself a good cook since just about every time I forgo an actual recipe, disaster strikes. But I hope to continue to use this blog to learn how to utilize the ingredients around me, how to be a creative and fresh cook and share what I find with you. (If anyone out there is still reading!)


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