Turkey Pesto on Focaccia

Here is one I did create myself. But, I cheat and use a few store-bought items when pressed for time. I first made this sandwich after trying to recreate a chicken pesto sandwich from Wolfgang Puck and I have to say, my sandwich kicks that sandwich’s butt. Ok, the 3 ingredients I buy pre-made are an Italian dressing, the focaccia bread (although I do have a wonderful focaccia and rosemary recipe that I will make one of these days, soon) and pesto. Pesto is really easy to make but the amount I need is more than my basil plant has to give right now and to buy that much basil is way more expensive than the $3 jar of pesto. Anyway, if you have the spare time, try making this from scratch, otherwise the 3 store bought ingredients still make it a great sandwich.

  • a loaf of focaccia
  • turkey
  • provolone
  • pine nuts
  • pesto
  • baby greens
  • Italian dressing
  • tomato

Start by slicing the loaf into sandwich size slices, and then cut the bread to make a top and bottom. Lay the pieces on a baking sheet and generously spread pesto over each piece.

Layer turkey on each piece, and then pine nuts. Then a slice of provolone on top of each. When the cheese melts, the pine nuts will be held on the sandwich if you remember to put them under the cheese. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter.

Then place the pan under the broiler until your cheese is bubbly and golden-wonderful. In the meantime, slice the tomatoes and toss the baby greens with the Italian dressing.

Then add the greens and tomatoes, then enjoy the best sandwich you have ever eaten in your life.